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Erin Patten’s metaphysical teachings will help you achieve
new levels of abundance in your business and life.

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How can visualization help you achieve your dreams? The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and can be used to achieve anything you desire. This masterclass discusses the basics of how to use visualization to manifest your dream life.

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Learn more about how metaphysics can accelerate your new business or re-energize an existing one. We guide individuals and big organizations on a journey to uncover their true nature and experience connection that inspires exponential growth.

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Organizational dis-ease affects
more than just profit

With a unique blend of metaphysical training and the corporate expertise that comes from Harvard Business
School, we are uniquely positioned to help you address organizational dis-ease.

Erin Patten

Employees need high wellbeing for high performance - 48% greater likelihood that people with low wellbeing will leave your organization.

Erin Patten

More effective leaders with more satisfied employees co-create a more profitable bottom line.

Erin Patten

Fulfillment enables employees to see themselves more clearly, have greater confidence, creativity, and collaboration - leading to sounder decisions.

I’m here to guide you & your teams toward organizational healing

Sol Full


A 7-week virtual group program designed to help high-potential individuals adopt personalized self-care rituals to heal from organizational challenges, see dramatic shifts in mindset, and walk the path of peace and purpose.

Workshops & Retreats

Groups workshops ranging from one-hour interactive engagements to week-long mindfulness retreats designed to address your specific organizational needs and activate your teams’ unlocked potential.

Strategic Frameworks

Up to 7-weeks virtual group retreat designed to help high-potential individuals adopt customized self-care rituals to heal from organizational challenges, see dramatic shifts in mindset, and walk the path of peace and purpose.

1-on-1 coaching

Exclusive customized coaching designed to help individuals who desire more accountability and depth along their journey. I will personally guide you as you seek inner transformation and enlightenment at a mastery level.

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Eric Cummings

Audio Visual Director

Erin Patten

Erin is down to earth and relatable. She’s going to give you real life examples and use what you brought up in a story as insight to inform lessons and teachings.

Erin Patten
Erin Patten


College Professor

Erin Patten

Working with Erin has impacted every aspect of my life but most importantly it has impacted my relationship with myself.

Erin Patten
Erin Patten


Management Consultant & Entrepreneur

Erin Patten
Erin Patten
Erin Patten
Erin Patten

Take this quiz and discover your MetaBusiness Archetype. Find out what your professional, health, relationship and awareness direction is and how you can activate your environment with Divinity for more abundance, wellbeing and success in all areas of your life.

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We guide leaders and their teams to a place where they are able to manage conflict with compassion and acceptance, rather than avoidance and fear. Only by means of co-creation do we engage.

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No more confusion, no more wasted time & money, and no more running around looking for the right answers. I’ll be providing you with actionable information you can use to help get back into alignment and live your best life. I guarantee you’re going to leave this masterclass feeling inspired and confident that you have the tools to Get Aligned and Live Abundantly!

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Erin Patten

Check out these short videos for inspiring, fun, and thought-provoking messages about MetaBusiness, holistic wellness and spirituality. The knowledge and wisdom expressed are designed to support you on your own unique path to overcome your overwhelm and manifest the life and business of your dreams!

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