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When we work with individuals and corporate teams, we create an energetic boundary for safe space. We dig deep to find out what each person is feeling to get to the truth. We inspire transformation in everyone we meet through intuition and we have a keen eye for scientific application. We do all of these things with compassion and most importantly—we keep it real.

A 7-week signature program designed for high-potential individuals to heal from organizational challenges, see dramatic shifts in mindset, and walk the path of peace and purpose. Together we co-create personalized self-care rituals and routines with clear, actionable and high-impact steps that will completely transform your relationship with your (Sol Full) Self.


  • Know Who You Are - Discover how you’re wired to know who you are.
  • Uncover Thy Inner Divine - Time travel to revisit your inner child joys and pains.
  • Love Thy Inner Divine - Engage powerful exercises to release guilt, shame and blockages.
  • Embrace the Healing Journey - Realign yourself with thoughts of prosperity and abundance.
  • Manifest a Peace Full Life - Create a customized ritual to accelerate you peace full life.
  • Let Go & Let God/dess - Master how to navigate obstacles with appreciation.
  • DEMO DAY: Pitch the new, upgraded version of your Sol Full Self’.



A cohort can host up to 10 people. Each session is 1-hour per week.


Each participant has the option for one 30-minute one-on-one coaching session within the accelerator period.


There is a $1,000 set up fee for each cohort. Plus $5,000 per participant includes assessment, program facilitation, and materials.

For your organization to achieve greater overall success, Erin Patten & Associates offers innovative and curated programs to help employees effectively manage stress through mindfulness techniques and practices. Our programs range from one-hour workshops to week-long mindfulness retreats addressing your specific organizational needs. We are leading the way with a virtual curriculum that provides cutting-edge corporate programming to inspire and engage. Whether online or in-person, the possibilities are limitless for what we can co-create for your teams.


  • Activation - Get centered and be present.
  • MetaBusiness Avatar - Know who you are and where you’re going.
  • Sol Full Acceleration (Part I) - The Sol With In - innerstanding the metaphysics of the body.
  • Sol Full Acceleration (Part II) - Inner Divine - innerstanding the Metaphysics of thoughts and language.
  • Energy Wheel - break down your day to build up your peace full life.
  • Reflection - Master how to navigate obstacles with appreciation.
  • *Note: This one hour workshop sample agenda. Workshop and retreat programs are completely customizable based on organizational needs and time considerations



The digital workshops can accommodate an unlimited number of individuals. In person workshops vary based on location. Retreats can range from 1-7 days and can accommodate up to 25 individuals.


Programs include proprietary self-assessment tools, world-class program facilitation, customized metaphysical curriculum and tools and all materials.


There is a standard flat rate $10,000 fee for the one-hour Sol Full Accelerator Workshop. Two-three hour workshop fees and retreats are determined based on client needs and location.

Co-create a multi-year metaphysical wellness plan for your organization that integrates leading edge data-driven tools with ancient metaphysical technologies to inform strategies for employee engagement, product development, business administration and operations. Our Metaphysical Wellness approaches transcend traditional frameworks by triangulating the emotional, mental, and physical well-being aspects of the individuals that comprise your organization. At Erin Patten & Associates we engage a data-driven metaphysical strategy in working with each of our clients as we believe you and your business are as unique and dynamic as individual people are.


  • Strengthen top & bottom integration - Mindful strategy is planned from the top-down and executed with eager willingness from the bottom up.
  • Affirm employee identity - Leaders create high-performing teams by facilitating a sense of connection and a contribution mindset in each individual.
  • Increase cross-cultural engagement - Celebrate diversity within organization by creating more conscious collisions.
  • Shine light on hidden challenges - Uncover and address conflict that affect both people and the organization.
  • Unlock productivity potential - By removing roadblocks, potential for productivity is limitless.


Assessment & Research

Custom survey instruments assess how individuals are emotionally wired and responding in the work environment. Outputs produce unique organizational personas that support our innerstanding of the broader organizational behaviors and traumas that create organizational dis-ease.

Metaphysical Education & Strategy

We co-create the best healing intervention strategies that are confidently aligned with success. There are 3 methods we engage: Metaphysical Psychology, Body & Brain Integration and Yoga/Tai Chi. Each works in its own unique way allowing leaders and teams to increase awareness and recognize how current mental models support or inhibit success.

Transformation & Implementation

In this stage we actualize the business using the healing modules focused on your brand vision, service/product offerings, sales/ marketing, and finances. We are intentional about allowing time and space to experience adoption and change.

Whether you are starting up a new business or are looking for inspiration in your existing role, one-on-one coaching is powerfully curated to guide individuals who need more clarity, direction, structure, confidence and balance in their careers and are ready to level-up and thrive! Together we work to align all aspects of your life co-creating an enjoyable work/life balance along with an impactful business. You’ll receive intuitive insights and metaphysical training to help you make decisions with ease and grace. Integrated sessions assist in removing resistance, blocks and challenges leading to increased energy and inspiration to get things done.


  • You’ll receive just the right amount of support you need to move forward productively and in alignment with your energetic business blueprint. You’ll walk away from this unique and dynamic coaching with clarity on all aspects of:
  • Your Vision, Values, Branding, Product/Service Offerings, Business Development, Sales Planning, Marketing Strategy, Financial Overview, Investors Pitch & more!
  • Are you ready to take your life and your business to the next level?
  • Then you simply need to know how to increase your energy and align with the divine frequency within to resolve your challenges AND create the life you’ve always imagined. It’s most important to innerstand that along this journey your focus is always on increasing your energetic frequency and your efforts will naturally align toward maximum success.



We start with 7 weekly digital or in-person sessions, then assess meeting cadence accordingly.


You are personally guided through a blending of the Sol Full Accelerator curriculum with metaphysical healing modalities including: Metaphysical Psychology, Body & Brain Integration and Yoga/Tai Chi.


We will see your business from a broader and more aligned perspective to better innerstand what energies are at play, what’s in the way, how to resolve issues, solve existing and potential problems and what is most aligned with your true authentic self.

Erin Patten

My experience with the Sol Full Accelerator program was fascinating, transforming, and inspiring. This program and experience were the first time I felt comfortable enough to open up and share my past experiences with anyone. The level of comfort and trust made me express myself more than I ever have; I never discuss myself. Erin is very knowledgeable, personable, comforting, and with a genuine relaxing spirit making it easy to have a conversation. This program helped me understand more about my true self and how my past issues have hindered my growth and root chakra. The tools that I have now will help me continue my journey of freeing myself of past and future experiences. I am so grateful and blessed that my acupuncturist thought enough of me to refer me to Erin. I am looking forward to my healing sessions with Erin as I learn to love myself completely.

Retired Homeland Security

Erin Patten

The Sol Full Dreams Accelerator program was absolutely incredible!!

Each Sol Full module provided an opportunity to dive deeper into the inner-workings and energy of who I am. I was able to reimagine goals and desires for my life and created an actionable plan, both personally and professional, that helped me shape and ultimately take the steps needed to achieve my wildest dreams! During the Sol Full Accelerator, Erin and her amazing aura created space for me to tap into my inner-being, leverage my mindset, and gain a deep understanding of who I am that I will most definitely hold near and dear as I traverse through life. Erin and her expertise and guidance mixed with each weeks module helped me and self-reflect, acknowledge, and congratulate myself, which is something we often neglect in our fast-paced world. I was amazed at how each module and the selected reading material seemed to coincide with life situations and scenarios going on in my life, which actually helped to positively shift my mindset in a positive and more productive manner as visualize and create the steps for dreams and goals moving forward. It’s almost like Sol Full Accelerator was destined to be there to guide me and keep me on track. The Sol Full Accelerator mixed with each weeks lessons, reflections, and reading material shifted me into a high-level form of thinking that has truly benefited my life tremendously.

I recommend the Sol Full Accelerator 110%. It’s an absolute game-changer!

Yoga & Wellness Entrepreneur

What is Metaphysics?

Erin Patten


Greek roots - denoting something
of a higher - order kind or a
position above, beyond.

Erin Patten


The physical properties and
phenomena of something represented
in the 3D work as we know it.

Erin Patten


Going beyond the 3D world to activate
the divine within us and to bring our
full self everywhere we go.

Why is
Important to
Businesses Today?

Employees need high wellbeing
for high performance.

48% Greater likelihood that people with low
engagement and wellbeing will leave your company.

- Gallup 2021

Self awareness enables employees
to see themselves more clearly.

More confidence, creativity, and collaboration leading
to sounder decisions.

- Harvard Business Review 2018

Wellbeing affects your business

More effective leaders with more satisfied employees
co-create a more profitable bottom line.

- Gallup 2021

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